How "Brain Wiring" Prevents Wealth

This almost sounds like science fiction, but it turns out that the way that our brains are wired actually PREVENTS us from ever accumulating wealth.

But there’s something we can do about it, and a new PDF report that gives you the key to solve the puzzle.  “Why We Fail With Money”

Money’s Dirty Secret:  We’re Not Wired To Succeed With It

Evolutionary psychologists and “new wave” of scientists that study what they call “Behavioral Economics” and “Neuro-Economics” have been doing fascinating experiments with people in order to understand our b-spot behavior around money and wealth. It turns out that they are discovering some very surprising things about why we fail with money.

So what are these mistakes that we make that prevent us from accumulating enough assets to become wealthy?  

It’s not natural for the human mind aka the b-spot to translate value into something like time or the value of a physical object into money.   It’s hard enough when it is real money like gold or silver.  

Never mind into paper money, never mind into borrowed money, never mind into things that have monthly payments and interest in the future.

At this point when we start dealing with other factors our b-spot mind actually loses the ability to rationally calculate what is going on.

This coming Monday,  a new live #webinar called “How To Build Wealth In  2014” provided by Eben Pagan, where the b-spot will be featured and:

You’ll learn why something like a simple car payment can wind up costing you MILLIONS of dollars (you read that right, millions).

You’ll also learn why the “natural” way that most of us think about buying things costs us multiple TIMES the original price in the long-run (and this
isn’t because we use credit cards or pay interest). These insights have made a massive difference in my financial life, and I hope you use them to
build your own wealth and financial independence.


P.S. This coming Monday,  a new live #webinar called “How To Build Wealth In  2014.”  The b-spot will be featured. As you’ve seen, the financial markets have
been completely whacky, and – just because they are showing us charts of lines going “up and to the right” does not mean “everything is now OK”
Something still feels very, very wrong, and we are going to talk about what that is, and what to do about it.

Here’s the link to register to attend this live class:
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Here is how to join our webinar:

Date: Monday, January 13th, 2014

Time: Noon EST / 9am Pacific

Phone Number: (646) 307-1720

Access Code: 201-006-355

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