I am your brain (The B Spot)

Hello, I am your brain :-)

… and I know we don’t usually talk like this, but here’s why today’s different…

You see, for decades now scientists have told you how I – all 100 billion neurons of me – am the single most complex machine in the known Universe.

So isn’t it funny how I’m the only machine that doesn’t come with a user manual?

Your car does. Your fridge does.

Yet when it comes to me, you’re born with me, society conditions me as you gradually ‘wake up’…

And then you’re left all alone!

Alone to iron out my maddening quirks. Work with my frustrating inconsistencies. And figure out how to squeeze out my full potential.

Most people never do.

And that’s a shame, because the truth is, I am the pink ‘n squishy key to having everything you’ve ever wanted.

The success, the purpose-driven path, the free-spirited lifestyle, the affluence, the power to help yourself and others.

BUT… I’m also frighteningly capable of tripping you up with self-doubt, fear and second-guesses.

Hey, I’m just a tool – the secret is in how you use me!

More specifically, it’s about how you shape 4 key functions in me, this wonderful machine between your ears:

1. Your beliefs

2. Your habits

3. Your emotions

4. Your goals


The right way.

You can use your brain to overcome a chronic illness, and other extraordinary claims. Check out this documentary on Power of Human Brain (Mind Over Matter) – Full Documentary

Click on the brain artwork below to watch – and I promise we’ll be best friends from here on out :-)


This video shows you how to use your brain to get almost anything you want.


Your Brain

(originally shared by Amish Shah)

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