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Dr. Chapman coined the term “brainomics” to define the high economic cost of poor brain performance, and she sees the brain as the most significant path to raise the standard of living globally.

Research shows that the brain changes minute to minute based off how it’s used. Now think about your work environment. What often hinders your performance? And what sparks those moments of creativity and innovation?

Join Dr. Sandra Chapman, brain research expert, as she reveals how investing in your brain’s health can boost performance, improve productivity and benefit your bottom line in this brainy webinar.

Brain webinar – Get your brain in gear @citrix

The b-spot webinar – Get your brain in gear

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Attend this live, interactive webinar to learn:

  • What’s toxic for your brain
  • Brain-boosting habits to leverage at work
  • How to help others improve their own brain health
  • And more…

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