The B Spot: What if a Pill could make you Rich and Powerful?

What if…

…a pill could change your b-spot and make you rich and powerful?  That is the premise of the movie, Limitless.

The B Spot Makes you Rich and Powerful

Limitless Movie Billboard.
Sunset Boulevard Los Angeles. 

Photo by Nik Halik, known as
The Thrillionaire

Limitless is about a fictional pill that can change your b spot to make you rich and powerful.




The stash of clear m&ms identified by Pina deRosa to represent the “pill” was part of a Nik Halik’s thread on Facebook along with his photo.

If you haven’t seen the movie, check out the trailer and interviews with the leading actor.

Of course this clear pill is a mock advertisement to promote the movie.  Check out the side effects!

Max Stryker of Life Venture says about the movie Limitless:

“It’s basically becoming the perfect version of yourself. Bradley Cooper kills it in the role.

I think it’s a metaphor. What it’s saying is that nothing is stopping you from becoming your perfect self. There is no pill, just the willingness to change. The conformist, lazy writer is ourselves at the time, and when he takes the pill he leaves his own self behind and ships in a journey of change and growth. Of course the chicks, cars, penthouses and cash stacks are just an exaggeration, but if that’s what’s moving you, then go for it.

You should take the meaning of the movie:

Nothing is stopping you from becoming the perfect version of yourself. You are limitless.”

Question: Would you radically alter your b-spot to have a super brain with a little clear pill with the hopes of becoming rich and powerful and … LIMITLESS?

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